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Review from When I found out that a graphic novel about the life of Bertrand Russell was in the works - I imagined it would be interesting - but I never thought it would be as spellbinding as it turned out to be. Logicomix - created by a team of Greek artists and writers is full color graphic novel about Bertrand Russell and his ardent quest for the logical foundation of mathematics. The creators of the graphic novel put themselves into the story - between chapters of Russells life - to discuss their thoughts on key moments. It is a clever and useful way to add additional context to the story.

The book is 352 pages long - 10 pages less than what it took Russell and Whitehead to prove that 1+1 = 2 in their book Principia Mathematica - but I was tearing through it to find out what happened. Afterwards, I went back to admire the artwork - which is masterfully composed and filled with terrific architecture and other detials. All-in-all - this was a surprisingly terrific book.

By: Recommended

Price: $22.99 

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